10-Day Program: Blood Sugar


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This program is specific to support the organs and glands involved in blood sugar regulation.

To understand how important blood sugar is watch this video on Understanding Glucose & Staging of Diabetes and browse through the materials below.


Patient Materials



This brochure was designed to help answer the following questions:

  • Why is Blood Sugar so important?
  • Do you have symptoms of unbalanced Blood Sugar?
  • Is this Blood Sugar program right for you?
  • What will your 10 days entail?

Program Overview

This provides a 1 page overview for patients that are interested in the program.  It details each of the products you will be taking and discusses some dietary guidelines, which makes this a great educational tool.


Protocol Card

This protocol card provides a quick reference to how the products should be taken throughout the day.  It can easily be placed on the refrigerator as a daily reminder.


10-Day Dietary Guidelines

These guidelines are not specific to the Blood Sugar program.  They are designed for all patients going through any of the 5 10-Day programs or even patients who are not on any program and who just want to eat healthier.